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Jim McAlpine

Founder / Partner


Jim is a lifelong entrepreneur and executive with over 30 years in sales, marketing, brand development and event production. Creator of the world’s first online lift ticket, Jim's first company,, was a technology and services for the ski industry . utilized a ground-breaking digital marketing strategy allowing the company to flourish while others in the dotcom industry were failing. Jim still owns and produces some of largest consumer ski shows in the luxury travel industry.

McAlpine moved on from the ski industry to focus on the cannabis space. Not only as a businessman, but also as an activist. Jim has focused his creative energy creating innovative events such as The 420 Games which was recently acquired by Civilized, the leading lifestyle brand and multi-platform media company in the cannabis space. He is also the Executive Director of New West Summit, the first tech based cannabis event. Jim’s award-winning events and brands have been recognized by major global media and McAlpine is one of the more well known faces in the cannabis world, working to helping to normalize and mainstream the plant. 

A prominent and featured speaker at major events such as The Super Bowl, SXSW, Harvard Medical School among many others. Jim is a polished activist that utilizes his powerful, creative team to positively influence an emerging industry with a mission to shape the future of the rapidly professionalizing cannabis industry.

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